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Three Phase Converters & Generators
Get three phase power from a single phase power source with a quality
TEMCo Phase Converter or Electric Power Generator.

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Phase Converters
Power three phase machines from a single phase power source with a TEMCo single to three Phase Converter!

Electric Motors
TEMCo carries thousands of brands and models of electric motors and drives such as Baldor Motors, Leeson and WEG at wholesale prices!

TEMCo also has a broad range of quality Acme Transformers and GE Electric Transformers at wholesale prices!

Motor Generator Sets
TEMCo Motor Generator Sets are used to provide load isolation, frequency conversion, and phase conversion.

Inverter Motors
Need a motor Inverter? TEMCo has a wide selection.

three phase converter

Variable Frequency Drives
TEMCo carries brand name Variable Frequency Drives.

Three Phase Generators
TEMCo caries a range of portable Three Phase generators from 8KVA to about 20KVA.

Information and Guidance on Three Phase Electrical Power:
This site is for the purpose of providing useful information and guidance on three phase electrical power. The information will range from:
1) How it is generated,
2) How and where to select a three phase generator,
3) How it can be converted to three phase from single phase,
4) How and where to select a three phase converter,
5) Why three phase electricity is used,
6) How and where to select three phase electric motors.

Why Three Phase:
Three phase power
has many uses from appliances such as refrigerators, to welders, transformers, technical applications, ovens, computers, CNC mills, oil rig pumps and just about anything else you can imagine being powered by electricity. Three phase by it's very nature is a much more smooth form of electricity than single phase or two phase power. It is this more consistent electrical power that allows machines that use it to run more efficiently and last many years longer than their relative machines running on the other phases. Some applications are able to work with three phase power in ways that would not work on single phase at all.

For additional information on three phase power check out the 3 Phase Power Resource Site.  This site gives detailed explanations of the history and use of 3 phase electricity and its uses with different 3 phase power loads.  You with find this useful no matter whether your load ranges from 3 phase motors to welders or 3 phase computers.  This site covers the differences between utility 3 phase generators and smaller user owned generators.  Offering some helpful knowledge about the application of 3 phase transformers to step down the power from utility lines, 3 phase isolation transformers to isolate power for surge or frequency protection, or just to change voltage, you can use this site to help understand and apply it to your three phase power needs. is a division of TEMCo. Tower Electric Motor Company has the experience you can trust. Experienced at manufacturing single to three phase converters, selling and maintaining electrical motors, power transformers, and power generators over the years since 1968. All our electrical products are manufactured to the very highest quality standards and are backed by industry standard warrantees. When you want a three phase phase converter, three electric motor, three phase power generator, or other quality electric motor supply, you can turn to TEMCo.

Select one of the links below to read more and find out about Three Phase Converters and other three phase power applications.

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three phase converter

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